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I've made another list of chrarcters that I don't have, for Mickey's family now!
Again, if someone has one of these story in his collection, tell me! big_smile 

Relatives    Story code
Uncle Gudger    YM 136 / I AT 53-A
Uncle ?    D 5686
Uncle ?    D7098
Uncle ?    S 68131
Uncle Thaddeus    D 2004-235
Uncle Jeremy    I TL 2345-1
Uncle silas    S 69160
MI’s uncle Dubleuf ?    S 63036
Uncle ?    S 84129
Uncle Fuddy    W MM  123-01
Uncle ?    W OS  401-03
Uncle Monty ?    W OS 1039-03
Uncle Milty    W OS 1143-02
Uncle Barnaby    ZM 54-07-18
MI’s aunt Petunia    D 2004-107
Aunt Jemima    D 92491
MI’s aunt    D 96252
Aunt Agatha    W MM   99-06
Aunt Marissa    YM 077
Aunt Minerva    YM 45-07-21
Aunt ?    ZM 32-07-03
Various ancestors    S 87002
Mickey’s ancestor    U MMW 642
Mickey’s ancestor    D 2006-046
Mickey’s  great-grandfather    S 72423


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Thank you very much for your answer!
However, the scans provide by Inducks have not enough resolution for my tree. If you've one of the stories you mentionned, it'd be nice to send me a scan of the character and some informations more... big_smile
Thank you very much!
I made also some researches on Inducks concerning his family, and found a large bunch of characters that I don't have; here is a non-exhaustiv list of them; if someone has one of these stories, please let me know! Thanks!

Relative's name   Story code
Uncle Fiasco    B75203 / S65015
Uncle Nicolino    B760205
Uncle Grubley    B770063
Uncle Wombat    YM 127
Uncle Dizzy     D97075 / ZM 37-11-14
Uncle Elvis    D 2002-257
Uncle Pateco    S72080
Uncle Twitch    ZM 50-03-19
Uncle Firthwell    ZM 53-08-09
Uncle Tat    ZM 57-08-09
Uncle Mark T. McGoof    WDG55-03
Uncle ?    W MM 47-05
Uncle ?    W MM 58-02
Uncle Tom    S 81175
Grand-uncle Silas    D 2006-015
Grand-uncle Goofini    D 2002-127
Aunt Hattie    W MM 143-01
Ancestor Dingobert ?    F JM 012277
Great-grand uncle ?    D 2002-174

Thank you so much!


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Hi everyone!
My name is Adrien Miqueu, I'm 16, I'm French and also keen on Disney comics!
I'm new on the forum, and I don't know if it's the right place to ask this.
I've recently discovered the incredible work on the Duck's genealogy done by Gilles Maurice (a country fellow!) and I ask myself: why not to do this with Goofy or Mickey family? So I began some researches in my own comics collection, and build these trees, (you can have a look at it here: http://duckburg.over-blog.com/#)
(I also made a Duck family tree, but rather small compared with Gilles' one). I know that Gilles also made Goofy and Mickey trees, but they've not been made updated for a long time!
So I ask everybody here, if you could send me characters of Mickey or Goofy family you've found, it'd be really nice!
I'd need a scan an a short description of the relationship between the relative and the main character.
Thank you so much!
Look forward to receive your answers!
Best regards